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Experience the most powerful online marketing on the planet. No other marketing procedures have the same level of measurability that Google AdWords marketing does. Pay per click, choose the right keywords and get the result of every dollar spent.

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Digital7 Works With 7 Golden Rules of Digital Marketing

How can Google ads help my business grow?

Google Ads also known as pay per click marketing method. Google Ads are totally transparent and it is worth spending every penny on it.

  • Ads works faster than organic SEO
  • The best way to increase brand awareness
  • Reach more clients through GMAIL Inbox Ads
  • Remarketing – Re-join with visitor of your website
  • Measure your progress consistently
  • Explore the treasure of analytics
  • Effective competition analysis
  • More Right Traffic Means More Customers
  • Produce top quality leads

What are  the SEO methodologies that Digital7 performs exactly?

How Digital7 team can deliver us the most of Google AdWords?

Some marketers believe that the more money you put into the advertising campaigns, more leads you will get, but it is the biggest fallacy. Digital7 team has different views on it, we optimise the landing page and campaign format in the most user-friendly way. We make sure that you get the most return on your investment.

Check out the process we follow:

  1. Buyer Persona Study
  2. Keyword research
  3. To optimize the best bid strategy
  4. Inclusion of negative keywords
  5. Appropriate conversation tracking
  6. Monthly reports
  7. Daily Tracking

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